What Is Content Experience in B2B Marketing?

Quick question: Can you name a B2B company that generates consistently great professional content? One…


Person typing on a computer that's providing written, photo, and video content.

Quick question: Can you name a B2B company that generates consistently great professional content? One that nails it again and again: superb writing and design, valuable insights and guidance, lots of rich content to explore.

Maybe Salesforce or Zendesk? ServiceNow or Hubspot? All excellent choices because these B2B brands understand how to deliver a great content experience.

Let’s explore what content experience is and how to create great experiences that engage and convert B2B buyers. We’ll cover:

  • The definition of content experience
  • Why it matters in B2B marketing
  • 3 attributes of a great content experience
  • Examples from leading B2B brands

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What is content experience? find out in the B2B Marketer's Guide to Content Experience

What Is Content Experience?

Definition: A content experience is the summation of all the interactions someone has with your digital content and the impression they take away from it.

In a successful content experience, related content elements work together to engage users, provide value, and help them reach their goals. But too often B2B marketers don’t follow this more holistic and connected approach; they create one-off, siloed content assets or short-term content marketing campaigns.

Marketers that strive to deliver great content experiences will reap tremendous benefits:

  • Generate more informed and educated leads
  • Strengthen brand awareness and affinity
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Accelerate customer acquisition
  • Improve lead conversion
What is content experience? Part of the B2B marketer's goal: Deliver a consistently great content experience across every channel and stage of the buyer journey.

Why Does Content Experience Matter in B2B Marketing?

A changing digital landscape requires a new approach and mindset to content:

  • Content is now central to every digital journey.
    Fifty-five percent of B2B buyers rely more on content to research and make purchasing decisions than they did a year ago.1
  • Buyer journeys are getting more complex.
    B2B buyers now average 27 buying interactions during the buyer journey, an increase of 63% between 2019 and 2021.2
  • Buyers are in control of the sales process.
    One hundred percent of B2B buyers want self-service for the majority of the buying process—to engage when and how they choose.3
  • Customers expect an omnichannel experience.
    B2B customers now use 10 or more channels (email, video conference, online chat, etc.) to interact with companies—a 2x increase since 2016.4


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What Makes a Content Experience Great?

What does a great content experience look like? When we put content experience under the microscope, its core characteristics come into focus. The content assets you create should, together, deliver an experience that is connected, engaging, and relevant.

3 attributes of a great content experience: connected, engaging, and relevant

A connected experience:

  • Supports and engages users in ways that siloed content cannot.
  • Maintains a consistent theme, topic, message, or design across channels.
  • Delivers a frictionless and intuitive experience, from one touchpoint to the next.

An engaging experience:

A relevant experience:

View Content Experience Examples from Top B2B Brands

Ready to see what a connected, engaging, and relevant content experience looks like? We’ve compiled stellar examples from top B2B brands. It’s all in our free guide. Download the B2B Marketer’s Guide to Content Experience.

Need Help with Content Experience?

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