Content Performance Services

Adopt our innovative, comprehensive approach to content performance. Identify your weaknesses, amplify strengths—and surpass your competitors.

Go from Content Insights to Content ROI

Put your content on a path of continuous improvement. Measure what matters with our proprietary tools and processes. Go beyond quantitative metrics to assess content quality, audience focus, journey stage, and alignment with marketing goals. Discover gaps and opportunities. Together, we’ll leverage powerful insights to energize your content strategy and achieve outstanding results.

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Content Performance Services

Content Audit & Scorecard

We’ve built a better content audit. Tendo’s proprietary content scorecard gives you a comprehensive view of your content’s strengths and weaknesses, both quantitative and qualitative.

Content audit and scorecard illustration
Content gap analysis illustration

Content Gap Analysis

Does your content overlook key audiences or journey stages? Rely too heavily on a single content type? We’ll help you pinpoint problems and uncover opportunities to increase engagement and conversion.

Content Measurement Framework

Construct a framework that tracks all the content KPIs that matter, and none that don’t. We’ll tailor content measurement to your marketing goals and audience needs—and empower ongoing optimization.

Content measurement framework illustration
SEO services illustration

SEO Services

Follow our B2B-specific and audience-focused approach to SEO. Assess your on-page SEO performance to establish a baseline, identify issues, and create a prioritized roadmap of recommendations.

Content Performance Resources

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ServiceNow Product Documentation Restructure

Tendo developed recommendations to help ServiceNow improve the effectiveness of its product documentation library to better support the buyer journey.

The challenge: The cloud-based solutions provider asked Tendo to help identify opportunities to improve the user experience and findability of key information, extend and update the content structure, and integrate product content to drive a more comprehensive content experience.

The solution: Tendo’s process included the following tasks:

  • Research deep-dive (personas, user research, onsite search logs, customer service call data, analytics, etc.)
  • Current state analysis of front-end and back-end (SEO, UX, IA, navigation, metadata, taxonomy, etc.)
  • Competitive/comparative review
  • Stakeholder survey, interviews, and workshops
  • Card sort exercise to inform IA and foundational taxonomy
  • Identification of top tasks, or jobs to be done (JTBD), plus key content integration points and gaps
  • Task flow mapping based on top JTBD

Fortinet Solution Page Enhancement

Tendo provided guidance to improve the on-page content experience for Fortinet’s solution pages.

The challenge: Fortinet needed to update the copy and organization of its solution pages to improve the on-page content experience and align with new brand messaging.

The solution: Tendo’s thorough analysis and enhancements included the following steps:

  • Content audit
  • Content gap analysis
  • Messaging analysis
  • Recommended content organization
  • New website copy

HPE Influencer Content and Support

Tendo boosted HPE influencers’ online status and credibility, leading to a 50 percent increase in clicks and a 59 percent growth in shares.

The challenge: HPE software service influencers needed to amplify their stature as credible thought leaders on social media.

The solution: Over a multi-year program, Tendo created content for HPE on LinkedIn and Twitter that:

  • Built influence with partners, customers, media, and analysts
  • Identified social media opportunities with original social content to post
  • Used live event playbooks to leverage social connections from digital to real-world relationships
  • Fostered a positive online reputation that potential customers associated with HPE

Caltech MarCom Communications Plan

Tendo developed an integrated communications plan that represented the institution’s renewed brand identity.

The challenge: Caltech needed a communications plan that addressed the needs of the university and worked in concert with a recently completed identity and brand rollout.

The solution: Tendo developed an integrated communications plan that:

  • Reflected the institution’s updated strategic identity
  • Outlined consensus-driven processes and vehicles to socialize and promote the new identity
  • Provided content mix and channel recommendations
  • Reviewed competitor communications

Informatica Thought Leadership Program

Tendo created a large-scale thought leadership program for Informatica that resulted in 50,000 net new opt-ins over three years.

The challenge: Informatica needed to drive awareness and understanding for its solutions in a chaotic and confusing data analytics category.

The solution: Tendo created and executed Potential @ Work, an end-to-end thought leadership program that included more than 130 articles, three e-books, and a monthly e-newsletter with six persona versions—all housed in a cross-industry, cross-discipline content hub. Tendo developed the strategy and internal workflows, managed the editorial calendar and content creation, and developed a metrics dashboard.

Autodesk SMP Provider Profiles

Tendo helped Autodesk increase provider inquiries 43 percent by improving the effectiveness of the Services Marketplace website.

The challenge: Autodesk needed to increase its site’s effectiveness because it was a valuable tool for customers to find and hire Autodesk-vetted service providers.

The solution: Tendo helped Autodesk service providers better position themselves and their capabilities by improving the look and feel of their individual profiles, specifically by:

  • Auditing existing profiles and competitor sites
  • Rearchitecting the provider profile site layout
  • Developing provider best practices to boost traffic, inquiries, and user experience
  • Creating a style guide and newsletter to ensure quality and consistency
Cisco Logo

Cisco Marketing Velocity Content Support

Tendo created visually driven and information-rich content to boost awareness of Cisco’s Marketing Velocity Activate program.

The challenge: Cisco needed to introduce new content that would drive awareness of their new Marketing Velocity Activate program.

The solution: Tendo created a campaign playbook with personalized partner opportunity data that showed Activate’s business value. We also created an infographic and video to drive users to the playbook.

Centrify Demand Generation Architecture

Tendo developed a scalable plan to increase Centrify’s lead volume for persona-based nurture communications.

The challenge: Centrify needed to develop a scalable demand generation architecture to improve SAL volume and move to an always-on, persona-based approach to nurture communications.

The solution: Tendo performed a thorough discovery process to understand Centrify’s vision, strategy, audiences, and capabilities. Discover set the stage for a plan that:

  • Defined and developed target personas and insights
  • Shifted messaging to customer-centric themes
  • Evolved from a linear, one-to-many approach to a dynamic, always-on, journey-based email model

Irrigation Association Strategy and Measurement Plan

Tendo optimized the Irrigation Association’s digital marketing presence to better represent the needs of its members.

The challenge: The Irrigation Association needed to update and optimize its digital marketing presence to better serve its members and represent their interests.

The solution: Tendo helped the Irrigation Association achieve these goals by developing the following deliverables:

  • Goal alignment and prioritization
  • Strategic digital marketing plan
  • Measurement plan
  • Benchmark report
  • Measurement dashboard

BMC Remedy ​Customer Stories​

Tendo refined and improved BMC’s customer case studies, making them more engaging and visual.

The challenge: BMC needed to update its customer case studies template for its BMC Remedy solution, to make each case study more readable and engaging.

The solution: Tendo redefined BMC’s case study approach and format as follows:

  • Created a longer, more visual case study template
  • Incorporated a journalistic approach to case study content creation​
  • Balanced BMC and customer branding​
  • Included related social and infographic content to promote case studies
Blackboard Logo

Blackboard Event Registration Campaign

Tendo developed multichannel campaign assets to drive record registrations for Blackboard’s Edtech conference.

The challenge: Blackboard needed to drive audience generation and registrations for BB World ’14, one of the world’s largest Edtech conferences.

The solution: Tendo coordinated and developed a set of attendee assets including:

  • Assets developed and versioned across seven separate tracks​, including provosts, developers, attendees, and net-new targets
  • Social media posts, blog posts, call scripts, and direct mail
  • Blackboard achieved its largest event attendee count to date​
Cisco Logo

Cisco Messaging for Service Provider Executives

Tendo created effective, audience-focused messaging that articulated Cisco’s value proposition to executives.

The challenge: The Cisco team identified a need to develop a customer-facing messaging deck that clearly articulated Cisco’s network automation value proposition to executive audiences within the service provider marketplace​.

The solution: Tendo created a network automation pitch deck that:​

  • Created a compelling case for automation, based on key trends in the service provider industry and top executive careabouts​
  • Articulated Cisco’s engagement approach and proven outcomes​​
  • Provided an executive view of the Cisco architecture framework, including specific use cases and high-level functional viewpoints​​
Salesforce Logo

Evolving the Salesforce Digital Content Experience

Tendo audited and scored Salesforce’s digital content and made recommendations to improve it.

The challenge: As part of a larger evolution of its digital content strategy framework, Salesforce identified a need to evaluate the performance and quality of existing content assets and pages on and to identify opportunities for improvement.​

The solution: Tendo took the following steps:

  • Leveraged the Tendo content scorecard to evaluate content both quantitatively and qualitatively​​​
  • Used a representative sample of content to identify trends and patterns in content quality, usability, and performance relative to average or industry standards​​
  • Made recommendations, based on representative content types to address changes or updates to the larger content body​​​

Citrix Website Strategy: From Product-led to Persona-led

Tendo enhanced Citrix’s website strategy with a customer journey framework that addressed personas’ content needs.

The challenge: Citrix needed its content to be less product-focused and more customer-focused.

The solution: Tendo developed a customer journey framework to address different personas and content goals across the journey. The framework included:

  • Content audit
  • Gap analysis
  • New content types
  • Persona-based journeys with influence and rationale

Creating a User-Centric Website for CA Technologies

Tendo transformed CA Technologies’ website into a demand gen engine that drove business growth.

The challenge: Despite a complete redesign in 2017 and a high number of net-new visits per year ​(4.5 million), 86% of visitors to never returned.

The solution: In a three-phase approach, working with two other agencies, Tendo:

  • Evaluated webpages and conducted a qualitative content audit.
  • Mapped users’ digital journey and developed a digital content strategy framework, content architecture and content models, and information architecture.
  • Brought the digital strategy to life with wireframes, new illustrations, and all-new SEO-optimized web copy.

Defining Digital Content Strategy at Salesforce

Tendo helped Salesforce define how content strategy contributes to the success of digital marketing.

The challenge: Salesforce needed to codify the role of content strategy across the organization, particularly as it related to digital experience.

The solution: Tendo worked with a broad team of content professionals at Salesforce to develop these resources, including:​

  • A comparative maturity study
  • Content goals and KPIs to measure content strategy​ success
  • How content strategy fits within the digital organization​
  • What an ideal operational framework for content strategy looks like​
  • How to manage content governance and maintenance

Content Migration & Acquisition Support for Keysight Technologies

Tendo seamlessly integrated content from acquired companies to fit the Keysight Technologies story.

Content Migration & Acquisition Support for Keysight

Tendo seamlessly integrated content from acquired companies to fit the Keysight Technologies story.

  • Vastly different branding between Keysight and acquired companies
  • Lack of strategy for mapping and incorporating acquired content
  • Duplicate content across Keysight and acquired companies
  • Fully integrated webpages and assets from acquired companies
  • New page migration checklist for ongoing acquisition support
  • AEM author guide for long-term content management
  • Content audit and IA recommendations
  • Content migration and asset rebranding
  • AEM authoring and production
user operating an oscilloscope

About Keysight

Keysight is a measurement equipment and software company that supports a range of industries, from finance and automotive to healthcare.

Its thousands of products and services include network taps, bypass switches, and wireless network emulators. By providing access to and insights about the latest technologies, Keysight helps customers accelerate innovation, while keeping the world connected and secure.

Keysight Technologies
Santa Rosa, CA
15,000 employees

The Challenge

In recent years, Keysight has made several acquisitions.

Acquired companies included Ixia, Scalable Networks, Nordsys, Eggplant, and Cliosoft. Each newly acquired company comes with its own content, which has to be adapted to the Keysight story and website.

Complicating the process, Keysight and its acquisitions often have duplicate content and distinct branding. Keysight needed a partner to support integration efforts, meet tight timelines, and preserve the content’s value.

The Solution

Tendo serves as Keysight’s go-to integration partner for acquisitions.

We typically audits existing URLs and assets to determine which content to migrate. We then recommend a unified IA and map content to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) templates. For new pages, we complete stakeholder intake, editorial QA, and content updates.

We also rebrand assets and migrate them to AEM, applying proper tags and metadata. At each stage, Tendo manages stakeholder review and tracks progress with dashboards.

The Results


Pages migrated from Ixia alone


Videos migrated in just one project


Reduction in pages after audit

All pages and assets from acquired companies are fully integrated into AEM under unified branding, presenting each acquisition as a seamless part of Keysight.

As Keysight’s content management partner for five years, Tendo uses our expertise to create Keysight-specific editorial guidance. Our new page/content migration checklist and AEM author guide help simplify long-term management processes.

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LPL Logo

Digital Content Optimization for LPL Financial

Tendo optimized digital content for financial advisors by developing a taxonomy, information architecture, and content structure.

Digital Content Optimization for LPL Financial

Tendo optimized digital content for financial advisors by developing a taxonomy, information architecture, and content structure.

LPL Financial logo
  • Duplicate content across multiple platforms
  • Difficulty finding the right assets to meet user needs and priorities
  • No streamlined process to create and manage digital content
  • A structured content approach with standardized nomenclature
  • Content hub and tagging system so content can be reused and gathered
  • Reduced costs and streamlined processes
  • Information architecture and taxonomy
  • Structured content framework
  • Content object models and system requirements

About LPL Financial

LPL Financial is the nation’s largest independent broker-dealer.

The firm offers comprehensive support for all kinds of financial professionals, from independent financial advisors to large-scale financial institutions. With so many different advisors to serve, LPL wanted to improve the overall digital experience for new and existing advisors who needed support in performing tasks and transactions when operating their businesses.

LPL Financial
San Diego, CA
Financial services
5,000 employees

The Challenge

LPL Financial needed to provide its internal and external users with the right content in the right context.

The existing system yielded duplicate content across multiple platforms, impeding users from easily accessing the assets they needed.

Tendo’s task was to develop a foundation for the emerging Content Hub that would house content independent of end-user platform. We also needed to streamline the process for creating and managing digital content.

The Solution

Tendo developed requirements for a centralized repository of information.

We outlined how content could be created once and then repurposed for multiple audiences and systems.

We surveyed internal users to discover their needs and preferences, and used these results to inform the information architecture and taxonomy. Then we established guidelines for content distribution so that users could easily find the right content at the right time.

The Results

Tendo implemented a structured approach that:

  • Standardized nomenclature and structure
  • Enabled content to be easily reused via a content hub and tagging system
  • Improved search results–Reduced costs by streamlining processes

“I cannot speak highly enough of the partnership you’ve demonstrated throughout this experience. And I know the LPL Team here will continue to benefit.”
—Dana Storsberg, Project Manager, LPL Financial

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Salesforce Logo

A Taxonomy for Dynamic Content Personalization

Tendo helped Salesforce optimize taxonomy and tagging strategy to enable personalized content for more conversions and increased loyalty.

A Taxonomy for Dynamic Content Personalization

Tendo helped Salesforce optimize taxonomy and tagging strategy to enable personalized content for more conversions and increased loyalty.

Salesforce Company Logo on Building
  • Different taxonomies being managed in multiple systems
  • Inconsistent use of tags
  • No consolidated, enterprise-wide taxonomy or governance roadmap
  • An organized and consistent taxonomy
  • Governance framework for long-term management
  • 750 assets consistently tagged and ready to be surfaced
  • Taxonomy audit
  • Personalization rules and requirements
  • Content tagging roadmap

About Salesforce

Salesforce makes CRM software that empowers companies of every size and industry.

It gives them a complete 360° view of their customers everywhere they interact with the company, enabling a better customer experience.

Salesforce wanted to facilitate personalized content delivery on its website for richer user experiences and deeper customer relationships—but they needed a solid back-end taxonomy and a tagging strategy to serve up the right content.

San Francisco, CA
Enterprise CRM software
78,000 employees

The Challenge

Several different taxonomies were being managed in multiple systems.

Primary tags had been created in Adobe Experience Manager but had only been applied to some content and were largely used for filtering. The digital content strategy team needed a consolidated, enterprise-wide, user-friendly taxonomy with a clear roadmap for long-term management and governance. This would allow for consistent tagging, which is essential for effective personalization.

The Solution

Tendo took the following approach to facilitating content personalization:
  • Researched end-user priorities and validated current taxonomy structure with stakeholders
  • Audited existing taxonomy structures and their use
  • Defined pilot personalization use cases and rules and prioritized content attributes
  • Reviewed and recommended taxonomy management tools
  • Mapped workflows and developed taxonomy governance framework
  • Recommended reorganization of namespaces and categories

The Results

“Tendo corrected course for us and showed us that while we had the proper tags, many were organized incorrectly. We now have more than 750 assets consistently tagged and ready to be surfaced across our website using simple business rules. Tendo also helped establish best practices for tagging, which allows various parties to tag content similarly.”

–Arthur Patterson, Content Strategy Manager, Salesforce

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adobe logo

Adobe Marketing Cloud Editorial Strategy

Tendo developed a strategic content marketing approach to help Adobe increase relevance, scale, and compete.

Adobe Marketing Cloud Editorial Strategy

Tendo developed a strategic content marketing approach to help Adobe increase relevance, scale, and compete.

  • Inconsistency in content quality, volume, and relevance
  • Lack of clear content development process
  • Restrictive content gating policy
  • Creation of diverse, relevant content supporting the buyer’s journey
  • A scalable model to develop industry-specific content
  • Greater prominence and accessibility of content on
  • Content audits, content calendar creation, content type development
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Demand strategy
  • Editorial organization consulting and editorial strategy

About Adobe

Adobe’s Marketing Cloud is an integrated, digital solution, enabling marketers to optimize campaigns and digital experiences.

To excel in this fiercely competitive category, Adobe needed to evolve its approach to its Marketing Cloud content. Inconsistent quality and volume, with too broad a focus, or limited to specific products, hindered an in-depth exploration of industry concerns and called into question Adobe’s commitment to key industries and trends.

San Jose, CA
Software development
25,988 employees

The Challenge

As the Tendo team immersed in Adobe and its content, we discovered opportunities for improvement:

Some Adobe marketers excelled at content, others floundered without support; a lack of clear process; a content mix skewed towards one asset type; and a restrictive gating strategy, among others. In short, while Adobe was doing many things right, to get to the next level, it needed a plan with a capital P.

The Solution

Tendo’s approach included crafting the following:
  • A content marketing strategy—a blueprint for creating diverse, relevant, industry-specific content across the buyer’s journey
  • A scalable approach for content planning, themes, types, distribution, and measurement
  • A content development process with insourced, outsourced, and hybrid options
  • An editorial strategy that aligned and intersected business trends with industry-specific challenges

The Results

Adobe now produces a more compelling mix of videos, case studies, and first-person perspectives from Adobe experts, addressing specific industries and business trends with increased accessibility on By evolving its approach, Adobe was able to sharpen how it markets to marketers, meeting the needs of a highly sophisticated audience, in a category that gets more competitive every day.

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UX Content Strategy for Autodesk Education

Tendo refined a complex sign-up process to maintain a positive and purposeful content experience for Autodesk Education users.

UX Content Strategy for Autodesk Education

Tendo refined a complex sign-up process to maintain a positive and purposeful content experience for Autodesk Education users.

Autodesk image
  • Complex sign-up flow with multiple steps
  • Inconsistent terminology for key tasks
  • A user-first, guided sign-up process
  • Cohesive experience showcasing Autodesk Education benefits
  • Content strategy consulting
  • UX writing
man viewing industrial design software

About Autodesk

Autodesk makes design software for use in the architecture, engineering, and construction industries.

Products like AutoCAD and Revit help makers design and build everything from cars to skyscrapers. Autodesk’s industry-leading software is available to students and educators in fields such as design, architecture, and engineering. Its software can be accessed through the Autodesk Education program and its associated website, which is run and maintained by the Autodesk Education team.

San Francisco, CA
Design software
10,000 employees

The Challenge

In the past, Autodesk did not require verification for educational users–anyone could get free access.

Autodesk Education planned to introduce a process to verify genuine educational users. Sign-up forms are a key friction point, especially when a process spans multiple touchpoints. The new process had to be clear and navigable and maintain the brand experience while introducing additional steps and showcasing the benefits of educational access.

The Solution

Tendo conducted a comprehensive review of UX content in the sign-up and verification process.

We then developed options for program names, messaging, and standard key terms. Finally, we updated and optimized UX copy, including banners, form copy, success messages, and transactional emails. In our review process, we identified key gaps and inconsistencies, as well as places where Autodesk could remind a user of the benefits of an educational membership.  

The Results

The final UX copy and user journey is clear, consistent, and purposeful in its tone and messaging. The new, consistent content experience goes beyond easing the pain of transitioning to a complex system: It also maintains Autodesk’s position as a trusted academic partner, fostering brand affinity that lasts after students graduate and continues as they begin their careers.

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Crowe Case Study

Advanced Content Audit, Scoring, and Gap Analysis at Crowe

Tendo assessed Crowe’s thought leadership content to reveal strengths and new opportunities to engage key audiences.

Advanced Content Audit, Scoring & Gap Analysis at Crowe

Tendo assessed Crowe’s thought leadership content to reveal strengths and new opportunities to engage key audiences

Crowe Case Study
  • Aggressive revenue goals require expanded outreach to key audiences.
  • Crowe needed to increase overall engagement with thought leadership content.
  • Crowe sought deeper insights on content performance, gaps, and opportunities.
  • 287 Crowe URLs and 237 competitor URLs assessed and scored
  • 33 content gaps identified, by audience, topic, and content type
  • 84 focused content recommendations delivered
  • Content audit and content scorecard
  • Content strategy recommendations

About Crowe LLP

Crowe LLP is a public accounting, consulting, and technology firm with offices across the United States and around the world.

Ranked as a top 10 U.S. public accounting firm, Crowe serves thousands of public- and private-sector clients across major industries, from banking and healthcare to manufacturing. Crowe supports clients with audit, accounting, and advisory services, tax planning services, business and technology consulting, and many other services. 

Crowe LLP
Chicago, IL
Public accounting and consulting services
4,300 U.S. employees

The Challenge

Like other top public accounting firms, Crowe prioritizes high-quality thought leadership content to engage and educate its audiences.

In 2022, the firm recognized the need for a content strategy refresh. To meet aggressive revenue goals for its Audit, Tax, and Digital Transformation business units, Crowe needed to increase brand awareness. But before it embarked on creating new content and campaigns, Crowe wisely sought to audit its existing content—to determine its strengths, gaps, and alignment with business priorities.

The Solution

Tendo recommended a content audit using our proprietary content scorecard methodology.

Our content strategists evaluated hundreds of articles, blog posts, reports, guidebooks, and videos from both Crowe and its key competitors. We scored content via quantitative factors (pageviews, bounce rate, SEO page authority, etc.) and qualitative criteria (content consistency, effectiveness, discoverability, etc.). The qualitative assessment also captured key attributes such as target audience, content type, journey stage, topic, industry, and so forth.

The Results


Crowe and competitor URLs reviewed


Content gaps discovered


Content recommendations shared

This comprehensive approach revealed a wealth of actionable insights on content quality and performance. For example, Crowe content scored high on brand consistency and effectiveness. But the scorecard revealed numerous content gaps and opportunities, such as the need for a greater diversity of content types and topics, as well as more content focused on certain audiences. Based on these findings, Tendo developed dozens of content recommendations that laid the groundwork for Crowe’s 2022 content strategy roadmap.

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sodexo logo

Thought Leadership Content for Higher Education

Tendo helped Sodexo position itself as a global thought leader to expand relationships with existing and new university accounts.

Thought Leadership Content for Higher Education

Tendo helped Sodexo position itself as a global thought leader to expand relationships with existing and new university accounts.

  • No brand awareness and education around additional Sodexo services
  • Lack of sales enablement content to engage customers
  • No experience creating thought leadership content or a campaign at scale
  • Creation of a high-value trend report generating immediate buzz
  • Increase in sales with existing and new university customers
  • Thought leadership content formatted for use across many channels
  • Editorial strategy and content creation
  • Campaign planning
  • Social content development
stock image of person thinking

About Sodexo

Sodexo Universities is a leader in campus dining and facilities management for public universities and private colleges.

It sought to engage its audience, university leadership, in a new way. Already well-known for its food services, Sodexo had an opportunity to share its point of view about its robust offering around a bundle of quality-of-life services for students and staff. The idea was to strengthen awareness of these solutions and connect with university leadership beyond food and facilities.

Gaithersburg, MD
Food and facilities management services
47,500 employees

The Challenge

Sodexo needed to position itself as a thought leader on higher education and campus life.

To accomplish this, Sodexo wanted to create a global report on key trends affecting the student journey and campus experience. Tendo helped Sodexo refine its marketing goals, and uncovered the need for an anchor asset that would drive brand awareness, brand education, and sales enablement via an integrated content campaign spanning multiple channels.

The Solution

Tendo led a complex and collaborative effort to:
  • Create an Editorial Advisory Committee in tandem with the Sodexo Institute for Quality of Life, an in-house think tank, to identify and profile five global education trends.
  • Interview 11 world-class education experts.
  • Create a 32-page print and digital Sodexo University Trends Report.
  • Translate the text into a wide range of content formats—blog posts, social posts, emails, videos, and infographics.

The Results

The report generated immediate buzz and helped Sodexo’s sales teams expand relationships with existing and new university accounts. Sodexo shined a light on major changes in higher education and universities’ role in preparing students for a complex world. And it continues to leverage this trend report in industry publications, conferences, trade shows, social media, and sales conversations.

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CA Logo

CA Technologies Website Optimization

Tendo developed a strategy, created a blueprint, and launched a pilot to enhance the user experience and drive lead generation.

CA Technologies Website Optimization

Tendo developed a strategy, created a blueprint, and launched a pilot to enhance the user experience and drive lead generation.

CA Technologies Company Logo on wall of building
  • Significant audience drop-off with little repeat traffic
  • Lacked a focused digital experience
  • A disorganized website comprising thousands of pages
  • Streamlined, user-centric information and content architecture
  • Revised content assets supporting the customer journey
  • Content blueprint and plan to help drive conversions
  • Webpage assessment and qualitative audit
  • Competitive and best practices review
  • User journey and asset mapping
  • Content architecture and content models
  • Web copy

About CA Technologies

CA Technologies, now a subsidiary of Broadcom Inc., manages, monitors, and secures computer infrastructure across mainframe, distributed, and cloud computing.

Despite a recent redesign and a high number of net-new visits per year (4.5 million), 86% of visitors to never returned—the industry benchmark is 54%. The site was disorganized and bloated (23,000 pages) as a result of company acquisitions, and it was focused more on products than customer needs.

CA Technologies
San Jose, CA
Enterprise software development
10,000+ employees

The Challenge

CA Technologies needed to reduce drop-offs and increase repeat visits from its target audiences.

But the strategic priority was to create a user-centric destination of discovery that could increase and accelerate conversions, consideration, and sales. CA asked Tendo to create the content blueprint and plan to help get them there, starting with a pilot that focused on the API Management section of

The Solution

Tendo took the following approach to overhaul the user experience:
  • Evaluated web pages for metrics, navigation, UX, voice, and user journey
  • Conducted a qualitative audit of 130 assets
  • Charted numerous user flows to ensure streamlined and logical access to key information
  • Developed a content strategy and roadmap to answer:
    – What content should go on the site
    – How it should be presented
    – How users would experience it
    – Which assets aligned to user journeys

The Results

A streamlined information and content architecture align with the customer journey, design and content are in harmony, and revised content assets live at the appropriate site level.

“Tendo had the specialized content and UX skill sets and knowledge I was looking for. They did a stellar job on a complex and challenging project. I highly recommend them.”

–Rodnei Connolly, Vice President, Global Digital Brand Strategy & Marketing, CA Technologies

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Blackboard Logo

Generating Leads for Blackboard with an Interactive Assessment

Tendo created a high-value assessment and ecosystem of content to help educate Blackboard’s audience and convert leads.

Generating Leads for Blackboard with an Interactive Assessment

Tendo created a high-value assessment and ecosystem of content to help educate Blackboard’s audience and convert leads.

  • Lack of brand awareness in the professional arena
  • Disengaged buyer audience with lack of quality leads
  • Many potential customers already had similar systems in place
  • Created an integrated campaign anchored by a gated interactive eBook
  • Developed a 20-question assessment with personalized recommendations
  • Exceeded client expectation, generating more than 400 leads in a month
  • Demand creative and strategy
  • Campaign planning with content creation
  • Development of emails, offers, and social assets

About Blackboard

Blackboard (now part of Anthology) is a category leader in learning management systems (LSM) for educational markets.

Despite the ability of Blackboard’s learning environment to educate and train employees online, Blackboard was not well-known in the professional arena. While it sells solutions to corporations and government agencies, many already had a solution in place.

Boca Raton, FL
Educational technology
3,600 employees

The Challenge

Blackboard’s Professional Education marketing team needed to drive leads.

But Blackboard’s lack of awareness in the category put it at a distinct disadvantage. They first needed to engage the audience in a meaningful way, and tell the Blackboard story. How could Blackboard break through the clutter to build a compelling case and demonstrate its value to the industry? We started, as we always do, by examining the buyer.

The Solution

Tendo conducted interviews with customers and subject matter experts to gather insights and develop a strategy:

By assessing the potential benefits of what a world-class learning management system could provide, buyers would be curious to discover how they might best achieve them. The result was an integrated campaign, anchored by a gated interactive eBook with factoids and best practices, and a 20-question assessment with personalized recommendations.

The Results

We included in the eBook-centered campaign an ecosystem of content, including an infographic, social media posts, emails, online advertisements, and blog posts. The bottom line: The campaign was a resounding success. Though the initial goal was to generate 200 leads over the life of the campaign, the ebook generated more than 400 leads in one month, greatly exceeding Blackboard’s expectations.

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Cisco Logo


An improved site experience leads to better business metrics for Cisco.


An improved site experience leads to better business metrics for Cisco.

Cisco Company Logo
  • Existing site was outdated and overloaded
  • Stakeholders lacked goals for the site and insight into the customer journey
  • 15% increase in unique visitors
  • 13% increase in task completion
  • 68% increase in click-through rate
  • Top task and user needs analysis
  • Competitive and best practices review
  • Content architecture, content models, and content specifications

About Cisco

Cisco sells hardware, software, and service offerings that make networks possible.

It offers products and solutions in routing, switching, home networking security, storage area networking, and more.

Cisco needed to ensure users could quickly and easily find information on Goals included an increase in overall traffic to the site, doubling visitor engagement with content, boosting lead generation, and decreasing costs and resources needed to maintain the site.

San Francisco, CA
Networking and security
79,500 employees

The Challenge

The existing site was outdated and overloaded, and most stakeholders didn’t have a stated purpose or goal for the site.

Pages were glorified data sheets and the site was seen as a nice-to-have rather than a powerful tool to fulfill business needs. The project became a forcing function to uncover friction points in how products were sold—and the journey customers took to get there.

The Solution

Tendo took the following approach to improve the site’s information architecture and key webpages:
  • Conducted in-depth research and architected a content framework that could easily be expanded and maintained across the entire site
  • Carried out a current state analysis, as well as competitive and best-in-class reviews
  • Interviewed key stakeholders and target audience members
  • Developed a content architecture and replicable, scalable content models—that included organization, prioritization, and copy specs—across key page types

The Results


Increase in unique visitors


Increase in task completion


Increase in click-through rate

After the redesign, saw a 15% increase in unique visitors, a 13% increase in task completion, a 68% increase in click-through rate, and a 32% increase in “contact us” clicks. After metrics validated the work, Cisco built a design system of plug-and-play components based on our content framework and scaled it across all business units.

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HPE Business Insights Content

Tendo helped HPE build a multichannel thought leadership program that achieved 280k global opt-in registrations and 140k monthly engagements.

The challenge: HPE needed to build mindshare as a strategic solution provider and demonstrate thought leadership in digital transformation. It needed to engage global enterprise IT leaders and drive registrations for ongoing marketing efforts.

The solution: Tendo created a global thought leadership destination and distribution presence that encompassed:

  • A microsite, blog, video channel, LinkedIn and Twitter channels, and an email newsletter
  • 4 regions, 5 personas, 6 languages, and 7 areas of focus.
  • Editorial strategy, content planning, and content creation

Refining the Autodesk Knowledge Network

Tendo optimized the digital experience on the Autodesk Knowledge Network.

The challenge: Autodesk needed to improve content quality and findability on its Knowledge Network.

The solution: Tendo reviewed and optimized the Autodesk Knowledge Network “Getting Started” experience​​​. It performed the following steps to significantly improve the digital experience:

  • Content audit​
  • Competitive analysis​
  • Task flow mapping
  • Content architecture recommendations
  • Information architecture/navigation​ updates

HPE Helion Customer Content

Tendo enhanced HPE’s customer reference program with more engaging content, including more than 250 content assets and 20-plus content templates.

The challenge: HPE’s customer reference program wasn’t producing enough customer-based content. Existing reference content formats were limited and lacked HPE Helion branding.

The solution: Tendo established a cost-effective support model for program management and asset creation, including:

  • Weekly content, including case studies, blogs, slide decks, and infographics, produced for the customer reference content hub
  • Interviews with HPE account teams and customers
  • New and redesigned content types and template

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