A Taxonomy for Dynamic Content Personalization

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How Tendo helped Salesforce optimize taxonomy and tagging strategy to enable personalized content for more conversions and increased loyalty


  • Different taxonomies being managed in multiple systems
  • Inconsistent use of tags
  • No consolidated, enterprise-wide taxonomy or governance roadmap


  • An organized and consistent taxonomy
  • Governance framework for long-term management
  • 750 assets consistently tagged and ready to be surfaced


  • Taxonomy audit
  • Personalization rules and requirements
  • Content tagging roadmap
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About Salesforce

Salesforce makes CRM software that empowers companies of every size and industry to create a complete 360° view of their customers everywhere they interact with the company, enabling a better customer experience.

Salesforce wanted to facilitate personalized content delivery on its website for richer user experiences and deeper customer relationships—but they needed a solid back-end taxonomy and a tagging strategy to serve up the right content.

  • Salesforce
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Enterprise CRM software
  • 78,000 Employees
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The Challenge

Several different taxonomies were being managed in multiple systems. Primary tags had been created in Adobe Experience Manager but had only been applied to some content and were largely used for filtering. The digital content strategy team needed a consolidated, enterprise-wide, user-friendly taxonomy with a clear roadmap for long-term management and governance. This would allow for consistent tagging, which is essential for effective personalization.

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The Solution

Tendo took the following approach to facilitating content personalization:

• Researched end-user priorities and validated current taxonomy structure with stakeholders
• Audited existing taxonomy structures and their use
• Defined pilot personalization use cases and rules and prioritized content attributes
• Reviewed and recommended taxonomy management tools
• Mapped workflows and developed taxonomy governance framework
• Recommended reorganization of namespaces and categories

The Results

“Tendo corrected course for us and showed us that while we had the proper tags, many were organized incorrectly. We now have more than 750 assets consistently tagged and ready to be surfaced across our website using simple business rules. Tendo also helped establish best practices for tagging, which allows various parties to tag content similarly.”

–Arthur Patterson, Content Strategy Manager, Salesforce

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