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What Is Amplification?

Amplification, often referred to as content amplification, is the use of various tactics to promote and amplify the visibility of a piece of content, helping it reach a far larger audience. By turning up the volume, you’re turning more heads and attracting more attention to your brand.

Content amplification and content distribution go hand in hand, and their definitions overlap. Your distribution strategy determines the channels through which you’ll promote content; amplification tactics boost your reach and visibility within those channels.


Examples of Content Amplification

To understand amplification, let’s use the example of a new blog post added to your website. Unless your blog has a large following, the organic reach of this content will be limited. To amplify its visibility, you must use a mix of owned, paid, and earned media strategies such as:


  • Promote it across all social channels and your email list.
  • Launch a paid social campaign, such as LinkedIn Sponsored Content, to promote it to thousands of prospects beyond your current followers.
  • Partner with an industry influencer to share the post to his or her followers.
  • Encourage your employees, customers, and other evangelists to share the post.
  • Include popular hashtags in social posts so that people following those hashtags see your content.
  • Participate in niche communities like Reddit and weave your post into the conversations happening there.
  • Repost the content to a blogging platform like Medium.
  • Repurpose your blog post as a press release (if applicable) and pay for a press release distribution service to promote it to media professionals who cover your industry.


Why Content Amplification Is Important for B2B Marketing

We live in a content-saturated world. There are more than 4 million blog posts written each day, and most are barely read or shared. Today, the organic reach of content is severely limited, for both B2C and B2B marketers. If you want your content to reach new prospects as well as existing customers and followers, amplification must become part of your content creation and distribution process.


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