Original Content

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What Is Original Content?

Original content is new, unique content that has never before been published. It’s also content that you create, as opposed to reposting, sharing, or curating content from another source or organization. The content you distribute, especially on social media, can be a mix of original and curated content.

Content has different levels of originality. For example, blog posts are often derivative, since they generally offer a perspective on another idea or event. Content that’s based on original research or unique thought leadership provides a higher level of value. At its best, original content is relevant, specific, and compelling to your audience, and based on credible sources. It showcases unique, high-quality information, rather than repackaging someone else’s ideas. By delivering greater value, it will rank higher, be promoted more widely, and generate more attention and respect for your brand.

4 Reasons to Create Original Content 

Creating this type of content takes time, energy, money, and skill. So why bother? Here are four key benefits:

  1. Build brand trust. People want fresh, helpful, creative content. You become their source.
  2. Improve search rankings. It ranks highest and can improve your visibility.
  3. Increase social shares. People are more likely to share content if it’s timely and new.
  4. Establish your authority. Become a trusted thought leader with industry-shaping opinions.

How It Supports B2B Marketing 

Producing a steady stream of original content establishes your brand’s value, expertise, and authority in your field. It helps your business stand out in a sea of depersonalized communications.

High-quality content also facilitates the B2B buyer’s journey. Prospective buyers for your product or service need credible, compelling information to make a sound decision—and to get sign-off and buy-in from executives.

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