Advanced Content Audit, Scoring, and Gap Analysis

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Tendo assessed Crowe’s thought leadership content to reveal strengths and new opportunities to engage key audiences


  • Aggressive revenue goals require expanded outreach to key audiences.
  • Crowe needed to increase overall engagement with thought leadership content.
  • Crowe sought deeper insights on content performance, gaps, and opportunities.


  • 287 Crowe URLs and 237 competitor URLs assessed and scored
  • 33 content gaps identified, by audience, topic, and content type
  • 84 focused content recommendations delivered


  • Content audit and content scorecard
  • Content strategy recommendations
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About Crowe LLP

Crowe LLP is a public accounting, consulting, and technology firm with offices across the United States and around the world. Ranked as a top 10 U.S. public accounting firm, Crowe serves thousands of public and private-sector clients across major industries, from banking and healthcare to manufacturing. Crowe supports clients with audit, accounting, and advisory services, tax planning services, business and technology consulting, and many other services. 

  • Crowe LLP
  • Chicago, IL
  • Public accounting and consulting services
  • 4,300 U.S. Employees
Collage of powerpoint slides showing Tendo content scorecard assessment

The Challenge

Like other top public accounting firms, Crowe prioritizes high-quality thought leadership content to engage and educate its audiences. In 2022, the firm recognized the need for a content strategy refresh. To meet aggressive revenue goals for its Audit, Tax, and Digital Transformation business units, Crowe needed to increase brand awareness. But before it embarked on creating new content and campaigns, Crowe wisely sought to audit its existing content—to determine its strengths, gaps, and alignment with business priorities. 

Collage of powerpoint slides showing Tendo's content recommendations for Crowe

The Solution

Tendo recommended a content audit using our proprietary content scorecard methodology. Our content strategists evaluated hundreds of articles, blog posts, reports, guidebooks, and videos from both Crowe and its key competitors. We scored content via quantitative factors (pageviews, bounce rate, SEO page authority, etc.) and qualitative criteria (content consistency, effectiveness, discoverability, etc.). The qualitative assessment also captured key attributes such as target audience, content type, journey stage, topic, industry, and so forth. 

The Results

This comprehensive approach revealed a wealth of actionable insights on content quality and performance. For example, Crowe content scored high on brand consistency and effectiveness. But the scorecard revealed numerous content gaps and opportunities, such as the need for a greater diversity of content types and topics, as well as more content focused on certain audiences. Based on these findings, Tendo developed dozens of content recommendations that laid the groundwork for Crowe’s 2022 content strategy roadmap.


Crowe and competitor URLs reviewed


Content gaps discovered


Content recommendations shared

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