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How Tendo developed a strategy, created a blueprint, and launched a pilot to enhance the user experience and drive lead generation


  • Significant audience drop-off with little repeat traffic
  • A product rather than a focused digital experience
  • A disorganized website comprising thousands of pages


  • Streamlined, user-centric information and content architecture
  • Revised content assets supporting the customer journey
  • Content blueprint and plan to help drive conversions


  • Webpage assessment and qualitative audit
  • Competitive and best practices review
  • User journey and asset mapping
  • Content architecture and content models
  • Web copy
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About CA Technologies

Software maker CA Technologies, now a subsidiary of Broadcom Inc., manages, monitors, and secures its clients’ computer infrastructure across mainframe, distributed, and cloud computing. Despite a recent redesign and a high number of net-new visits per year (4.5 million), 86% of visitors to never returned—the industry benchmark is 54%. The site was disorganized and bloated (23,000 pages) as a result of company acquisitions, and it was focused more on products than customer needs.

  • CA Technologies
  • San Jose, CA
  • Enterprise software development
  • 10,000+ Employees
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The Challenge

First and foremost, CA Technologies needed to reduce drop-offs and increase repeat visits from its target audiences. But the strategic priority was to create a user-centric destination of discovery that could increase and accelerate conversions, consideration, and sales. CA asked Tendo to create the content blueprint and plan to help get them there, starting with a pilot that focused on the API Management section of

2 examples of completed CA Technologies webpages

The Solution

Tendo took the following approach to overhaul the user experience:

• Evaluated web pages for metrics, navigation, UX, voice, and user journey
• Conducted a qualitative audit of 130 assets
• Charted numerous user flows to ensure streamlined and logical access to key information
• Developed a content strategy and roadmap to answer:
 – What content should go on the site
 – How it should be presented
 – How users would experience it
 – Which assets aligned to user journeys

The Results

A streamlined information and content architecture align with the customer journey, design and content are in harmony, and revised content assets live at the appropriate site level.

“Tendo had the specialized content and UX skill sets and knowledge I was looking for. They did a stellar job on a complex and challenging project. I highly recommend them.”

–Rodnei Connolly, Vice President, Global Digital Brand Strategy & Marketing, CA Technologies

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