UX Content Strategy for Autodesk Education

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How Tendo refined a complex sign-up process to maintain a positive and purposeful content experience for Autodesk Education users


  • Complex sign-up flow with multiple steps
  • Inconsistent terminology for key tasks


  • A user-first, guided sign-up process
  • Cohesive experience showcasing Autodesk Education benefits


  • Content strategy consulting
  • UX writing
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About Autodesk 

Autodesk makes design software for use in the architecture, engineering, and construction industries. Products like AutoCAD and Revit help makers design and build everything from cars to skyscrapers.  

Autodesk’s industry-leading software is available to students and educators in fields such as design, architecture, and engineering. Its software can be accessed through the Autodesk Education program and its associated website, which is run and maintained by the Autodesk Education team. 

  • Autodesk
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Design software
  • 10,000 Employees
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The Challenge

In the past, Autodesk did not require verification for educational users – anyone could get free access. Autodesk Education planned to introduce a process to verify genuine educational users.  

Sign-up forms are a key friction point, especially when a process spans multiple touchpoints. The new process had to be clear and navigable and maintain the brand experience while introducing additional steps and showcasing the benefits of educational access.  

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The Solution

Tendo conducted a comprehensive review of UX content in the sign-up and verification process. We then developed options for program names, messaging, and standard key terms. Finally, we updated and optimized UX copy, including banners, form copy, success messages, and transactional emails.  

In our review process, we identified key gaps and inconsistencies, as well as places where Autodesk could remind a user of the benefits of an educational membership.  

The Results

The final UX copy and user journey is clear, consistent, and purposeful in its tone and messaging. The new, consistent content experience goes beyond easing the pain of transitioning to a complex system: It also maintains Autodesk’s position as a trusted academic partner, fostering brand affinity that lasts after students graduate and continues as they begin their careers.

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