Content Gap Analysis

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What Is a Content Gap Analysis?

A content gap analysis is an investigation into your organization’s current content offerings to determine where they’re not meeting your audience’s needs. For example, do you offer content addressed to each of your buyer personas? Does your content address all phases of the customer journey—from top-of-funnel “awareness” content to bottom-of-funnel “decision” content? Does it deliver the information your customers are seeking? If the answer to any of these questions is “no,” you’ve found a content gap—and an opportunity to address it.

An analysis is often an output of a content audit: While the audit helps you to evaluate the content that you do have, an analysis highlights what you don’t have.

How It Supports B2B Marketing

Ultimately, a content gap analysis helps you focus on creating or updating the right content to meet your business goals. It can also validate what you already know or suspect about your content. Providing evidence of a gap can help you get buy-in from your stakeholders to launch a content program aimed at closing the gap. B2B marketers and content strategists find that this process is well worth the effort and pays dividends with content that better supports lead conversions, sales close rates, and satisfied customers.

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