Chatting Up Chatbots: AI’s Influence on Marketers and Content Creators | Episode 6 | The B2B Content Experience Podcast


Can you guess what were the two most influential letters of 2023? AI, of course.

Get ready to hear these letters a lot as our special guests break down the impact of artificial intelligence on marketing and the content experience. In this episode you will hear from Tamara Prewitt, Marketing Leader and Technology Expert, who joins host Kim Celestre to discuss:

  • AI’s influence on content creation.
  • AI’s history as part of the marketing technology stack.
  • Has the quality of ChatGPT declined?
  • Where AI will have the biggest impact on marketing.
  • AI graphic and image creation.

Then Ariana Vazquez, Content Marketing Specialist at Tendo, makes an appearance to share her insightful recap of HubSpot’s INBOUND 2023 conference. Ariana and Kim discuss the key takeaways and memorable moments from the event.

Finally, Karla Spormann, CEO and Founder of Tendo Communications, and Simon Matthews, VP of Experience at Tendo, join the podcast for an exciting Tendo announcement.

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