How to Level Up Your B2B Content in 2023 | Episode 3 | The B2B Content Experience Podcast


Are you ready to take your B2B content to the next level?

In this episode of The B2B Content Experience, members of the Tendo team join the conversation on:

  • Key trends and best practices that should be top of mind for content strategists and marketers.
  • Content guidance—across eight main categories—to help you stand out from the crowd.

For an easy breakdown of the categories see below:

  1. Brand journalism with Karla Spormann [0:43]
  2. Omnichannel with Lindy Roux [6:07]
  3. SEO with Amanda Haxton [10:00]
  4. Micropersonalization with John Dorsey [14:20]
  5. Scaling content with Zach Edling [18:10]
  6. Content ROI with Kourtney Kovanis [24:00]
  7. Use cases with Lisa Park [28:45]
  8. Privacy-first content marketing with Kim Celestre [32:42]

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