Unlocking AI’s Potential for B2B Marketers pt. 1 | The B2B Content Experience Podcast


Let’s talk AI. What does it mean to B2B marketers? How does it affect SEO and content ops?

Join the Tendo team as we discuss:

  • AI usage opportunities for marketers and content strategists
  • The ominous “zero click threat” of AI’s impact on SEO
  • Why gen AI has been compared to the “iPhone moment for the enterprise”
  • Real-world use cases of AI in content operations

In this episode, Tendo CEO and founder Karla Spormann joins EVP and partner Lindy Roux as they discuss customization, creativity, and connectivity—and usage opportunities such as content assessment, taxonomy, and personalization.

Karla and Lindy bring in Tendo’s resident SEO expert Amanda Haxton, who discusses AI-driven changes in the search landscape, including user behavior and the infamous “zero click threat.”

For the Research Roundup, Tendo’s content and marketing strategy lead Kim Celestre shares insights from Stanford’s expansive Annual AI Index Report—how AI affects marketers, content creators, and the most common AI use cases in sales, marketing, and service operations.

Tendo editor Ariana Vazquez wraps up this episode by examining AI in the wild. She’s joined by senior content strategist and AI expert Elizabeth Smith Fong to discuss real world examples, applications, and business use cases for AI.

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