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How Tendo optimized digital content for financial advisors by developing a taxonomy, information architecture, and content structure


  • Duplicate content across multiple platforms
  • Difficulty finding the right assets to meet user needs and priorities
  • No streamlined process to create and manage digital content


  • A structured content approach with standardized nomenclature
  • Content hub and tagging system so content can be reused and gathered
  • Reduced costs and streamlined processes


  • Information architecture and taxonomy
  • Structured content framework
  • Content object models and system requirements
Taxonomy and information architecture chart

About LPL Financial

LPL Financial is the nation’s largest independent broker-dealer, offering comprehensive support for all kinds of financial professionals, from independent financial advisors to large-scale financial institutions. With so many different advisors to serve, LPL wanted to improve the overall digital experience for new and existing advisors who needed support in performing tasks and transactions when operating their businesses.

  • LPL Financial
  • San Diego, CA
  • Finance
  • 5,000 Employees
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The Challenge

LPL Financial needed to provide its internal and external users with the right content in the right context. The existing system yielded duplicate content across multiple platforms, impeding users from easily accessing the assets they needed.

Tendo’s task was to develop a foundation for the emerging Content Hub that would house content independent of end-user platform. We also needed to streamline the process for creating and managing digital content.

Bubble chart of factors that inform taxonomy

The Solution

Tendo developed requirements for a centralized repository of information, and outlined how content could be created once and then repurposed for multiple audiences and systems.

We surveyed internal users to discover their needs and preferences, and used these results to inform the information architecture and taxonomy. Then we established guidelines for content distribution so that users could easily find the right content at the right time.

The Results

Tendo implemented a structured approach that:

  • Standardized nomenclature and structure
  • Enabled content to be easily reused via a content hub and tagging system
  • Improved search results–Reduced costs by streamlining processes


“I cannot speak highly enough of the partnership you’ve demonstrated throughout this experience. And I know the LPL Team here will continue to benefit.”
—Dana Storsberg, Project Manager, LPL Financial

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