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An improved site experience leads to better business metrics


  • Existing site was outdated and overloaded
  • Stakeholders lacked goals for the site and insight into the customer journey


  • 15% increase in unique visitors
  • 13% increase in task completion
  • 68% increase in click-through rate


  • Top task and user needs analysis
  • Competitive and best practices review
  • Content architecture, content models, and content specifications
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About Cisco

Cisco sells hardware, software, and service offerings that make networks possible. It offers products and solutions in routing, switching, home networking security, storage area networking, and more.

Cisco needed to ensure users could quickly and easily find information on Goals included an increase in overall traffic to the site, doubling visitor engagement with content, boosting lead generation, and decreasing costs and resources needed to maintain the site.

  • Cisco
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Networking
  • 79,500 Employees
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The Challenge

The existing site was outdated and overloaded, and most stakeholders didn’t have a stated purpose or goal for the site. Pages were glorified data sheets and the site was seen as a nice-to-have rather than a powerful tool to fulfill business needs. The project became a forcing function to uncover friction points in how products were sold—and the journey customers took to get there.

The Solution

Tendo took the following approach:

• Conducted in-depth research and architected a content framework that could easily be expanded and maintained across the entire site

• Carried out a current state analysis, as well as competitive and best-in-class reviews

• Interviewed key stakeholders and target audience members

• Developed a content architecture and replicable, scalable content models—that included organization, prioritization, and copy specs—across key page types

The Results

After the redesign, saw a 15% increase in unique visitors, a 13% increase in task completion, a 68% increase in click-through rate, and a 32% increase in “contact us” clicks. After metrics validated the work, Cisco built a design system of plug-and-play components based on our content framework and scaled it across all business units.


Increase in unique visitors


Increase in task completion


Increase in click-through rate

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