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Ready, set, activate. Let’s turn your content investments into results, with content marketing services that generate brand awareness, pipeline, and revenue.

Digital Content Marketing that Converts

Hit the “launch campaign” button with total confidence. Tendo’s strategy-led content marketing services will help you reach your goals. We design and execute targeted campaigns and content programs for demand generation, account-based marketing, and more. Our results-driven approach: Deliver high-value content experiences to your audience via the right channel—and always connect them to the next step in their journey.

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Content Marketing Services in 5 Flavors

Demand Generation

Power your demand creation and demand capture initiatives with superlative, audience-focused content. Tendo helps you generate results with integrated content programs and well-timed campaigns.

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Email Marketing

Nurture prospects with email campaigns and nurture flows that leverage audience data and personalization. From customer newsletters to 1:1 ABM campaigns, we’ll generate engagement with a targeted approach.

Social Media Marketing

Need to build brand awareness, generate leads, or socialize a high-value content asset? We’ll deliver #ContentROI with highly targeted organic and paid campaigns, customized for each social media channel.

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Omnichannel Marketing

Create content once, then deliver it across every channel to give your buyers a seamless, consistent content experience. Unlock the potential of structured content to reach more buyers with less effort.

B2B Influencer Marketing

Tell your brand story in collaboration with industry influencers. We’ll help you empower internal influencers or connect with external ones, then develop a strategic program based on trust and authenticity.

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