User Experience (UX) Services

Put the user first, in every aspect of your digital strategy. We’ll help you design intuitive content experiences, so your audience finds exactly what they need.

UX Design Drives Content Experience

The best-written product page won’t generate business if nobody can navigate it. That’s why Tendo prides itself on creating great content experiences, not just great content. We apply our deep UX skills to ensure that your content is well-organized, intuitive to browse, and seamlessly focused on your user’s needs and goals at every stage of their journey. Our research-driven UX approach lays the groundwork for high-performing content.

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Explore Our User Experience Services

Jobs to Be Done & Task Flow Mapping

Map out the sequence of connected content that will help your users complete their “jobs to be done” and satisfy their informational or transactional needs. Our proven techniques will make your website a joy to navigate.

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Information Architecture

Strengthen the informational backbone of your website or app. We’ll develop an intuitive IA that organizes your content into clear hierarchies and relationships that make everything easy to find.

Content Modeling

Take a content-first approach to web page development. Our content modeling technique establishes the structure of your page, including the hierarchy of content components and elements that work together.

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Establish a foundation for successful personalization across your digital ecosystem. We’ll create a framework to deliver targeted content based on prioritized attributes, triggers, rules, and tagging requirements.

Structured Content

Build content to succeed in an omnichannel world. We’ll break down your content into structured components that can be easily published across channels, helping you take full advantage of your CMS or DXP.

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Taxonomy & Tagging

Experience the benefits of a well-designed taxonomy. We’ll organize your digital content into clear, logical categories and tags that enhance personalization and help your users find what they need.

Digital Product Design

Take your digital product designs from concept to reality with Tendo. We’ll dig into your business needs and systems to design intuitive B2B apps and web apps that solve your customers’ problems.

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Web Design

Design a delightful, scalable, and easy-to-maintain website. Our strategic approach addresses the entire customer journey, ensuring seamless web experiences that drive meaningful results.

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